Saturday, May 11, 2013


In honor of tomorrow being Mother's Day I though why not write a momma blog today, so I started thinking of all the things that make me a mom & what mom's do on a daily basis so,here is a condensed version of our "job description"(or at least mine).
First thing in the morning I would love to wake up, brush my teeth, take a shower, put something  fashionable on, drink my coffee and read my bible in a nice peaceful setting. However, I am usually awakened around 5 or 6 am by the sound of a little Haitian sweetie two rooms over who has decided something is hysterical and can't stop from laughing at the top of his lungs.  He will then continue to talk and laugh until we finally give up on the idea that he might just fall back asleep and just go get him out of bed.  I usually have at least one kid in my bed who has been kicking me for the last couple hours anyway so why not just get up?
Once I'm up I do get a cup of coffee, I hate to say it but my coffee even comes before brushing my teeth, yuck I know but for a mom of 3 coffee is a necessity not a pleasure.  I then wake up Blake and spend the next 30 min or so arguing with him to get ready for school, brush his teeth, eat his breakfast, stop picking on Carter and so on.  Once he is out the door I feed the other two, try to pick up the house a bit, do the dishes (no dishwasher in this house). I usually put clean clothes on the boys but fresh out of the dryer and my clean are two different things, so if there aren't any spots and the clothes don't stink they are clean and just may last two days! I hate laundry, which I do a lot of.  Also Carter frequently has mini meltdowns and clean or matching clothing is a fight i choose to pass on. I also get ready myself, put my wet hair in a pony tail, slip into my lovely yoga pants and we are out the door to Pierre's therapy 3 days a week.  The rest of my morning tasks are pretty repetitive and normal household chores, I pick the dirty clothes from all 4 males living in my house off the floor every morning, wash dishes at least 3 times a day, sweep about every other day, clean the pee off my floor & walls daily (I have all boys!),  do laundry, pick up toys over & over & over, break up fights, argue with the boys, feed the family, change diapers, help with homework, force the boys to do chores, pay bills, play games, read books with the boys, fight about bedtime, and so on.  Seems pretty overwhelming when you write it all down doesn't it.
But, when I lay down late at night and all my boys are quiet I smile, for I am SO BLESSED!
You see, I love waking up to the sound of Pierre laughing even if it is 5 am, for I have waited so long to be able to see that smiling face in our home every morning and hear him yell with joy when I pick him up.  
And, when I hear Blake argue it may frustrate me now but I will be glad when he chooses not  to conform to everybody else's way of thinking, and when with his stubbornness he stands for Christ
when so many others will follow the crowd.
And, when Carter has a melt down I may want to yell and tell him to knock it off but I know that this is his way of wanting to make his own choices and be independent.  Usually a hug will make it all better, and I love my Carter hugs!  Plus who cares if he wears sweats with cowboy boots, or shin guards over his jeans, or pajamas! (This all all real life examples by the way!)
And all those dirty clothes, well that means I am blessed with clothing for my family when so many have none.  All those dishes mean we are blessed with food when many go to sleep hungry.  My boys  may argue now but someday they will be best of friends.  And yes it is a lot to take Pierre to all his therapy but how lucky are we to live in the States and have it available to him when just 8 weeks ago he was in Haiti where the consistent therapy he needs was not an option for him.
And that husband who I seem to be constantly picking up after or calling and reminding about everything he forgot to do.  Well, that husband loves me with every ounce of himself, he tells me I'm beautiful first thing in the morning with messy hair, smeared makeup, and morning breath.  He teaches my boys that "your mom is the most special woman in the world", he supports me in all that I do. He is the perfect father and I love to watch the way he fathers our children.  I am so blessed to spend my life with such an amazing, Godly man.
And those bills, well I'm blessed to have an income to pay them.  Blessed for electricity, for a home, for heat, for medical and dental care, a college degree, a vehicle and gas to run it.
You see we can have a life of frustrations or a life of blessings, it is our choice.  And I, as a daughter of the one true King, choose a life of blessings.  For I know how good my God is to his children ,all I have to do is open my eyes and see it.
And I would much rather wear yoga pants and a pony tail than something fashionable anyway!