Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bye Bye

So I took Pierre to his first Neurologist appointment yesterday.  Everything went well and we are anxiously awaiting test results to see if he needs anti seizure meds, hopeful not.  However, while the doctor was examining him pinched Pierre's toes to make sure he has feeling in them. When he did Pierre pulled his leg away, yelled at him, waved and said "bye, bye" .  Needless to say, we all got a good laugh. Such a big personality in such a little body!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Meet the Evans

Well, I am brand spanking new to the world of  bloggers but after the recent addition of a sweet little 4 yr. old Haitian boy to our family have had several request to start a blog. So, here we go!

I feel that our family is no different than the typical "American Christian" family, we go to church, say our prayers, read our bible, and try to raise ourselves and kids to bring glory to God.  We try and fail daily while God's mercy continues to forgive us and pull us back to his loving arms.  We live a comfortable lifestyle and have never had to go without a meal, or drink dirty water.  We live in the states where medicine is always available, and we take for granted how truly blessed we are.  We simply don't see the parts of the world that struggle to live on a daily basis.  We turn away from the photos because they make us feel guilty. Photos of people who are lucky to eat one meal a day, who walk miles for clean water, are up working way before sunrise, who stand in line for hours without complaining for medicine,  and who praise God with all they have because they truly NEED him to survive.  You see, we rarely are to the point in America where we actually NEED God to provide our next meal, or clean water; we just do it ourself. Up until October 2010 this lifestyle was normal to me,
then I went to Haiti for a week long mission trip which turned my world upside down.
I started to question everything about my "American" lifestyle.  You see, we are blessed to be a blessing, not to acquire more for ourselves.
I could not get the faces of those beautiful Haitian orphans out of my mind. I love being a mother and could not imagine my two boys having to live their lives without a mommy and daddy. I strongly believe that every child should have parents to tuck them in at night, wake them up in the morning, read them books, fix their boo boos, hug them when the are sad, rejoice with them when they are glad and show them Gods unconditional love.  While there are many wonderful orphanages some kids just need more, this is where Pierre comes into the story.
Pierre is a 4 yr old Haitian boy with Cerebral Palsy who lived at Mission of Hope orphanage up until last Wednesday when he came home to the states with our family, his family.  Oh the joy this little guy brings to our house, his smile will light up the darkest room and his laughter is contagious.  Yes, he has a long road ahead of him, but we will joyfully travel that road with him.  We will cheer with him as he meets his many milestones, when he finally uses his right hand, or sits up without that big head causing him to tip over:) We will pray for the day he walks but also be content if God does not have walking in His plans for Pierre.  For as we unfold this new chapter in our lives we are constantly reminded that we ALL have special needs.  We were all fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creators perfect hand. And I know that my God does not make mistakes, we are exactly who and where he intended us to be, all we have to do is say "yes" and then hold on tight for His ride will be marvelous.
Pierre joins his wonderful father, Rocky; his mommy, Lily; his goofy 8 yr old brother Blake; and his sweet pea 5 yr old brother Carter.  Welcome home Pierre!