Monday, April 8, 2013

Nite, nite

So Pierre's new thing is to actually ask to go to bed.  Crazy right?  What kid actually wants to go to bed?  Not that he goes to sleep though- here is how the new "normal" scnerio plays out.
1) he will say " nite,nite"  in a pathetic little voice, like it takes every ounce of energy he has left just get it out; 2) he will also at this point will start not wanting to hold his head up, so of course I will hold him (I'm such a sucker!); 3) next we will get his pjs on (nothing exciting here); 4) then I lay him down and start his music.  Here is where the act ends and the fun begins.  You would think that a child who could barely muster up the energy to say "nite, nite" or hold his head up would fall quickly asleep but no way, it's party time!
Once he is in bed he will turn his head side to side over and over again so that he makes sure to get at least 10 kisses to each cheek,  then we move on to his forehead which he lifts up and gets about 5 more kisses.  This usually ends when mommy has had all of the freshly applied lotion from Pierre's face on her lips that she can take and we start the "I love you's".  This goes back and forth between the two of us for awhile before he breaks into "Jesus Loves Me".  We usually sing two rounds of this and then he points to me and says " Jesus loves YOU!", which of course I reply, "Jesus loves YOU" while I point at him.  This of course goes back and forth a few times, just like everything else and then we finally say "nite, nite" and I leave the room.
From this point on for the next 45 min or so Pierre lays in his bed wide awake while he sings, laughs, and chatters happily away.  Rocky and I think he is partying with Angels, and why not, if I were an angel I would want to hang out with Pierre- he is tons of fun!  This last part also happens off and on thru out the night and we are awakened quite often by Pierre's adorable laughs and singing.  What a blessing he is!  As much as I don't care to be woke up several times thru the night, it is near impossible to get upset when Pierre is in the next room over laughing like crazy.  Those angels must be a lot funnier that what I thought they would be.  All this being said I believe I need to have a little discussion with God about keeping my four year old up to all hours of the night partying ( I think he needs a little better control over those angels!).  Or maybe I'm just a little jealous of all the fun they are having without me.  Oh the joys of children!


  1. i love how you and rocky think of it as him partying with the angels... i want to join in on the fun too!

  2. Perspective makes the world of difference in a parents attitude!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing Lily, it is so great to hear about all the fun Pierre is having!! Even if it is in the middle of the night. We continue to pray for your family and for Pierre of course!!